Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes it is safe. The people who study the practice know exactly what they are doing. The natural approach to health is very safe for you. The only thing some people experience after an adjustment is mild aches and pains but your body quickly gets used to it. There are some horror stories out there that going to a chiropractor can severely damage your body and leave you paralysed. This is just not true, the people in our clinic are trained and know the body very well.

Why does the Chiropractic sometimes need to take x-rays?

They need to look at the alignment of your spine. They want to see if you have any disorders that will show up as well such as; arthritis, tumours, curves in the spine, fractures, and other anomalies. This will help them to make sure you are getting the best care and the right treatment.

Will I know if I have a subluxation without coming in?

You probably won’t know you have a subluxation because it can be there for a long time and not bother you. Until you experience pain you might not know there’s trouble with your spine. If anything feels strange or you think your body is out of line the only way to really tell is to come in and have an exam and x-ray.

What is that popping noise that happens with an adjustment?

The loud pop that happens when you get an adjustment is just gas rushing into the hole that’s there when your joints are separated for a moment. The popping is not dangerous and doesn’t mean anything is actually popping in your body.

Can I not just do the adjustments on myself with exercises?

No, you can’t do it yourself. The adjustment is done by someone who knows the right amount of force to apply to the right part of your body. There is no way for you to be able to do this on yourself. It wouldn’t be safe for you to try to do any of the adjustments and it would be nearly impossible for you to put that amount of force on your own body. Adjustments should only be carried out by a trained professional.

Can I see a chiropractor if I'm pregnant?

Pregnant mothers can come in for chiropractic treatments in order to help with their back during the months of their pregnancy. Chiropractors can help improve the flow and ease of delivery. It is completely safe to have treatment while you are pregnant.


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