We use a variety of chiropractic techniques
There are several different techniques chiropractors can use to give their patients drug free options to reduce pain and help care for the certain ailments they have. Spinal manipulation is one of the most common practices a chiropractor will use. This can be done by adjusting the spine and surrounding tissues. They often use the following equipment or do everything with their hands. The chiropractic clinic is a place to go for healing and the techniques we employ are advancing daily. We stay on top of current trends and attend conferences so we can give our patients the best care possible.

techniquesChiropractic Equipment:

  • Traction tables
  • Upper cervical adjusting table
  • Drop table
  • Activator

Techniques Used:

  • Diversified Technique
  • Upper Cervical Specific Technique
  • Thompson Technique
  • Activator Technique
  • Peripheral Neuro-muscular Technique
  • Trigger Point Therapy Technique
  • All upper & lower extremity adjustments as required

The technique of kinesiology taping helps to take away pain and improve circulation. Tape is put on the tendons and muscles to help the body recover. Depending on the type of injury you have the tape can help heal your body differently.

Therapeutic sports massage is a treatment for athletes to help muscles and tendons. The technique helps people recover from injury quicker and also helps with flexibility. Sports massage can not only help with recovery but can help the athlete to improve their game play once they are healthy again. The techniques work best coupled with good nutrition, moderate exercise, and a good amount of rest.

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